Essence of Oil

What will Nigeria look like without Oil? Would we have been better off without it? How has such a wonderful resource turned into a curse for its people? For decades, this resource has been mismanaged, Nigeria has plummeted in its economic strategies as it has tended towards a mono-commodity economy. We have watched for years, and have done little or nothing to a system that degrades our environment and gives us no road map to finding better and greener sources of energy. We as a people have bickered against each other, on how to tear the ‘National Cake’ apart, and we do not bother that we must leave a good legacy for our children and the generations to come. The reality of the global trend of finding renewable sources of energy, stares us in the face, but we do not see it. We are blinded by our selfish interests and regional aspirations, which has left Nigeria  in a situation with alot more to be desired. Hence the question. What is the essence of oil?

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