When education becomes the root and branch of corruption

Ordinarily, education is an invaluable virtue while ignorance is an incurable vice. To aspire to know is, therefore, an ambition to get acquainted with what is right and what is wrong, as well as to improve one’s capacity to patronising the former and avoiding the latter.  Technical and vocational skill acquisition, character formation, law and order and numerous other components of civilisation, which education facilitates, endow righteousness in individuals and societies. Therefore, the slightest distortion in the motive and practice of education in any context results in a wholesale corruption of values as manifest in this Nigeria of our time.

Today, one major reason why many Nigerians would eagerly dip their hands into official treasuries is to give their offsprings the ‘best’ of education in schools which exorbitant fees incapacitate their normal income. For many artisans and business people, time to pay the school fees is now time to take the leap and cut corners. An ironical case of cheating the nation to inculcate virtues in the nation! Read more

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Integrity Organization is committed is an anti-corruption, research and advocacy organization. Its activities are centered on the aim to reduce the tolerance for corruption in Nigeria.

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