Citizenship participation is a necessity in the fight against corruption

Corruption has been with Nigeria for a long time but some would argue it has never been this daring. We are at the stage of impunity and the transformation has been extraordinary. Under the Jonathan administration alone, some N5 trillion have been stolen under one guise or another. This was the assertion of a PUNCH Newspaper investigation November 2012. The saddest story in Nigeria’s fight against corruption is not that we have an enemy to fight, the saddest is that we have not even started to fight it even as corruption continues to erode our common wealth, reduce our standard of living and continues to culture more poverty amidst plenty in our country.

Government has failed over the years in its fight against corruption. The reason for this is not far fetched. While corruption cuts across every facet of the Nigerian experience, it is far more pronounced in government institutions. How can the same government that accounts for the highest incidence of corruption be the one to fight it? The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) that enjoyed relative success under the Obasanjo administration has since gone into oblivion. The commission remains a department of the Nigerian Presidency. If the Presidency is one of the most corrupt entities in Nigeria, how can it then fight corruption without hurting itself? Read more

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Integrity Organization is committed is an anti-corruption, research and advocacy organization. Its activities are centered on the aim to reduce the tolerance for corruption in Nigeria.

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