Nigerians score Jonathan low on anti-corruption-Transparency International

Despite the claims by the federal government that the Jonathan administration is waging a committed fight against corruption, majority of Nigerians say the government is merely paying lip service to the effort to stamp out corruption, a survey by Transparency International has shown.

The result of the survey, tagged ‘Global Corruption Barometer 2013′, said to be the biggest-ever public opinion survey on corruption, released on Monday, showed 75 per cent of Nigerians say the government’s effort at fighting corruption is ineffective.

Only 14 per cent of those surveyed say the government’s effort is achieving results.

Also, 94 per cent of Nigerians think corruption is a problem with 78 per cent saying it is a serious problem.

Police and Political parties

The report also showed that most Nigerians believe political parties and the police are the most corrupt institutions in the country. About 94 per cent say political parties are affected by corruption while 92 per cent say the police is tainted with corruption.

Other institutions that performed abysmally in the survey are the legislature with 77 per cent corruption perception, the civil service with 69 per cent, the judiciary with 66 per cent and the education system with 54 per cent.

The military has 45 per cent corruption rating. Medical and health services are tied with businesses, with 41 per cent corruption perception, while the media and non-governmental organisations have a perception rate of 33 and 32 per cent respectively. Read more

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