As Nigeria Runs Out Of Cash…

A few days ago, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the finance minister, alerted us to the fact that the nation would soon run out of money to run itself. She hid under the alibi of the theft of crude oil, bunkering and pipeline vandalism. But there’s more to what the coordinating minister for the economy was willing to divulge. What she should have been very straightforward about is the level of barefaced stealing that is taking place in all facets of the Goodluck Jonathan government that could soon kill all of us. But let’s even discuss the oil theft, pipeline vandalism and bunkering that she talked about.

The first question any normal person would ask is why we should continue to experience oil theft and pipeline vandalism after President Jonathan has so scandalously awarded the contract for pipeline protection to militants and vandals. Why should anyone be surprised that the level of vandalism of oil pipes under President Jonathan is already threatening the survival of the nation? There will certainly be pipeline vandalism if you place the pipelines under the “protection” of vandals. That’s Common Sense 101. Even an idiot should know that. And if you award contracts for the security of our oil resources to oil thieves, what do you expect? What do thieves do anyway? The answer to this is clear to everyone except to President Jonathan, it seems. The president is even lucky that no one is accusing him of complicity. At least not yet, but, if this uncontrolled theft continues, it will not be long before that starts happening. The president has been urging leaders of western nations to come and help him fight the criminals stealing our oil. Why shouldn’t he then resign his office and hand over the running of the country to these foreign leaders?

Okonjo-Iweala said 400,000 barrels was being stolen daily. Other credible authorities have put the figure at more than 800,000 barrels on a good day for the thieves. And it is clear that if Jonathan does not wake up from his long slumber, the amount of oil stolen daily will surpass the amount left to run the country.

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