Tobore made a difference, Will You? By Integrity Organisation

Government investigations into the human-trafficking cartel exposed by Premium Times journalist, Tobore Mit Ovuorie, have begun. On whether the investigations would yield an outcome as “epic” as the exposé itself is another thing altogether, but one thing is sure- a young, relatively unknown, woman has made an impact. From Tobore’s report, a vice that allows human trafficking thrive is corruption.

Corruption is increasingly our unique national identity. A foreign expatriate once said of corruption in Nigeria: “…Corruption in Nigeria has infested almost every aspect of life, work and society. I can’t think of a single area where I didn’t encounter a scam of some sort.” This utterance was even before Nigeria’s public sector corruption perception index rating by TI (Transparency International) dropped from a score of 27/100 in 2012 to 25/100 in 2013 – (0 being most corrupt and 100 being least corrupt). Will 2014 or 2015 be any different? Read more:

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Integrity Organization is committed is an anti-corruption, research and advocacy organization. Its activities are centered on the aim to reduce the tolerance for corruption in Nigeria.

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