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Integrity was founded in 1995 during the Abacha regime as a direct reaction to the corruption and poor governance of Nigeria represented by that era. Integrity is a non-governmental organization concerned with issues of accountability and transparency in public and business life. It builds coalitions and develops sustainable strategies for citizen involvement with government in the public and civil society sectors. One of Integrity’s basic strategies is research and issue advocacy which involves high quality value adding independent research, reviews and documentation that provide platforms for public discourse and policy formulation. As part of providing platforms for engagement, from late 2006 to 2010, Integrity Clubs were established across 6 States of the Federation of Nigeria to push for better budgetary outcomes and sustainability in governance.

In late 2010-2011, Integrity created and launched the Public Integrity Networks (PINS). The target for creating PINS is to take unemployed graduate youths in Nigeria through a customized training program and to mentor these trainees into building accountability networks to take collective action in exposing corruption, corrupt individuals and actions not in the public interest going on in their communities. Integrity has had a credible involvement in high profile issues and it has built a reputation for tactful, high profile, high impact handling of engagement with supply side actors on various issues.

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