“Through visionary leadership, creativity and effective implementation of our ideas, we seek to empower people, their transactions, systems and institutions against corruption.

Integrity seeks to do this through:

  • Visionary leadership – We are able to articulate the future we would like to inherit.
  •  Creativity – We are able to generate creative ideas on how to live today like that future has already come.
  •  Effective implementation – We are able to translate our creative ideas into practical results.



  • Strong conceptual analysis and research tradition.
  • Policy engagement on anti-corruption and governance issues.
  • Ability to mobilize around critical issues on the basis of researched facts.
  • Established as a sort of think tank/lobby group, it has a broad range of respected consultants on its board to draw from.
  • Good track record with Donors.
  • A knack for the sensitive handling of cutting edge issues.


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