The Oil Fraudsters

The oil bribery scandal embroiling the National Assembly is nothing but the symptom of a corrupt government , a weak  leadership and its reluctance to tackle the rot that has seen Nigeria going down the drain. It is a failure of processes and systems already enshrined in the Nigerian constitution and the statutes of the land. Nigerian politicians, including all arms of government have become calculative than visionary with a 'collective' agenda

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Diezani Allison-Madueke Should Resign

For the federal government of Nigeria to walk the talk on dealing with corruption and cutting excesses in government , Mr. president cannot afford to keep the Minister of Petroleum Resources Mrs Diezani Allison Madueke in her post. She should not preside over her own investigation in the oil ministry. Given the scope of the scandalous  revelations at the hearings in the National Assembly, the government can ask her to go on leave for as long as

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When the Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC came up with the idea of introducing a new vehicle numbers plate and a new driver's licence, it was touted to generate new national database for vehicles and their owners, assist in crime fighting and check forgery of vehicle documents, among others. read full text

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Fuel Subsidy Phantom

Why should Nigerians be importing refined petroleum products? Why should the people believe that the Jonathan government will use whatever money made from the savings from the so called removal of fuel subsidy for infrastructural development? read complete text

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State of the Nation:Leadership in Whose Interest?

For 51 years, the key issue responsible for Nigeria's difficulties has been the absence of good leadership: leadership that would act in the public interest. The political elite has maintained a stiff resistance to change in a corruption-ridden and violence-prone society. view full text

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Whistleblowing and a Resort to Self-Help

First:Planned promotion of Justice Ayo Salami from President of the Court of Appeal to Justice of the Supreme. Justice Salami rejected the promotion claiming ulterior motives and no legal precedence. Is Salami a whistle-blower? Are whistle-blowers welcome? view full text              

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Setting Agenda for Government

Does Jonathan have a draft roadmap to pilot Nigeria through the next four years? Nigerians during the recent presidential elections invested Mr. President with 'great' powers, and if truly driven by people power, it implies consent and confers legitimacy.The President of the Federal Republic is also the Head of State, Chief Executive of the Federation and Commander-in- Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federation and according to the Constitution;

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“Year 2001: A Budget of Power and Politics”

What impact would Budget 2001 have on the poor and disenfranchised in the society? If the implementation of Budget 2000 is anything to go by, we fear it may not be much. But why is this so? Less than 40% of  Budget 2000 was implemented. Thus capital projects that could have injected funds into the economy  were held up, with attendant consequences of unemployment, etc Read full newsletter

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Two years of Democracy:Where are the Dividends?

"I understand the clear message of the Nigerian people. In giving me their mandate, they have asked me to lead this country by example..." Chief Olusegun Obasanjo Feb 28,1999 Three months after making that speech, he was sworn in as president of the Republic. In his inaugural speech on May 29, 1999 president Olusegun Obasanjo promised to carry out these tasks when he stated "i am determined with your full cooperation to make significant changes within

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Corruption Ridden Parastatals: What is ICPC Doing?

The operations of most parastatals in Nigeria seem to be characterized by corruption and mismanagement. This much has been said over and over again. The curious is that nobody seems to have been caught or punished for these unwholesome activities. Even the Independent Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) set up for that purpose seems to be silent on these glaring corrupt practices. Let us examine three cases, to drive

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