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Nigeria: The Rotten Barrel?

 ‘A rotten apple spoils the whole barrel’ is the proverbial saying that has been used by many to describe how corruption spreads. This suggests that a bad person can infect/corrupt a group of people. The story of Eve and the serpent in the Garden of Eden corroborates this notion. The serpent deceived on Eve, who went on to deceive Adam, and Adam in turn infected the entire world with sin, as the story goes. However, you are likely to read stories

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Clapping with One Hand – A Review of Past Strategies at Fighting Corruption

That corruption is a major challenge to the socio-economic development and progress of Nigeria is well established and documented.  According to the former UNODC Executive Director, Antonio Maria Costa, close to $400 billion was stolen between 1960 and 1999 in Nigeria. He noted it is “an amount of money that if you were to put dollar bills end-to-end, you could make 75 round trips to the moon!” According to the Inter-Governmental Action Group

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We know what Feeds the Corruption ‘Beast’, but why does it live here anyway?

You’ve heard the joke about the Chinese, Indian and Nigerian public officials. No? Well, they’d known each other for years but had only met at conferences. They decide to visit each other starting with the Chinese public officer. They fly to Beijing’s modern airport and on to a provincial city, then head down a pristine six-lane highway to a large suburban house. "This is a really nice house," the Nigerian says. "How did you afford it on your

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Nigeria: The Origins of Her Disgrace

No one doubts the challenges that Nigeria currently faces. According to the World Bank, Nigeria is blessed with 708,000SqKm of agricultural land, the second largest in Africa yet research suggests less than half of this has been exploited to produce crops and livestock to stave off hunger and poverty. Food imports into Nigeria are estimated to have grown at the rate of 11% p.a. since 1980 yet Nigeria remains the country with the largest percentage

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Mr Soji Apampa Discussing Anti-Corruption Trends on Focus Nigeria

Mr. Soji Apampa, the Executive Director of Integrity Organization, discusses current developments in the war against corruption on Focus Nigeria, including the Senate's 2nd rejection of Ibrahim Magu as EFCC Chairman, and the lack of involvement of the public in tackling corruption - 22 March 2017

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Mr. Opeyemi Agbaje Takes Over the Mantle of Leadership as He is Appointed Chairman of the Governing Board

MR. OPEYEMI AGBAJE TAKES OVER THE MANTLE OF LEADERSHIP AS HE IS APPOINTED AS CHAIRMAN, GOVERNING BOARD OF THE INTEGRITY/THE CONVENTION ON BUSINESS INTEGRITY ORGANISATION LAGOS, AUGUST 23, 2016. The Governing Board of Integrity organization appoints and ratifies the appointment of Board members. At the meeting of the Governing Board of Integrity Organisation (consisting of Integrity and The Convention on Business Integrity, CBi) which held on Tuesday,

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Highlights from the 4th Annual Christopher Kolade Lecture

Dr. Christopher Kolade CON is amongst the few that have blazed a distinguished career and maintained their integrity over the years.  In recognition of his contributions to the issues of Integrity and support for the organization over the years, the organization decided to honour him by instituting this lecture series in his name as he marked his landmark year- 80th year in December 2012. (more…)

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As it Was in the Beginning – Parallel Thoughts

If you do not know what happened in the past, then history will repeat itself until you learn from it. Watch as we explore the origin of some of Nigeria's problems and how they date back to times before our amalgamation.

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Parallel Thoughts – What Has Changed After 1 Year in Office

A look at the progress made during the Buhari administration's first year in office, and the impact of its 'change mantra' on the country: This is our score card, what's yours? Drop a comment.

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Still on the Buhari Administration’s 1st Year in Office

The Buhari Administration in its 1st Year in Office has struggled to convince Nigerians it has what it takes to bring about the much-needed change promised. The new government campaigned on the basis that it would improve security, curb corruption, create jobs and grow the economy. Are Nigerians right to be skeptical about what has been achieved so far? Citizens appear divided over the performance but can anyone really articulate what the issues

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