The Bane of Corruption in Business Practices in the Private Sector

Being Paper Presented at the 8th Annual Forum of The Laureates of the Nigerian National Order of Merit (NNOM) and the Award Winners’ Lecture. Introduction Nigeria is the worlds’ 15th most corrupt nation, according to Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index and people everywhere have learned to be extra cautious when doing business in or with Nigeria. Generally as a result of the 419 scourge, countries around the world are weary

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Fixing the Trouble with Nigeria?

President Muhammadu Buhari’s style of leadership, despite lots of criticism, could well turn out to be just what Nigeria needs at this stage in her development. In Chinua Achebe’s 1983 book ‘The Trouble with Nigeria’, he states that social miracles could happen. He said this right after he famously and vehemently declared that “the trouble with Nigeria is simply and squarely a failure of leadership.” If his assertion is true, then perhaps

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For the CBN, have the Chickens finally Come Home to Roost?

So Nigeria has not fallen over because it was de-listed from the J.P Morgan Emerging Markets, Government Bond Index (EM-GBI). JP Morgan suggested that Nigeria’s foreign exchange regime has lacked desirable levels of liquidity and transparency; they also suggested that Nigeria lacked a fully functional two-way market. CBN refuted the JP Morgan claims avowing that all legitimate demands for forex are being met; all forex transactions now take place

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Curbing Nigeria’s Personal Sector

The personal sector is defined as that part of the economy made up of individuals and their incomes and expenditures, as opposed to those of private or public sector entities. It is arguable that this invisible sector is the largest since it is made up solely of the same individuals to be found in the private, public and third sector (Civil Society). What is interesting about the personal sector in Nigeria is that patronage networks heavily influence

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Dateline Abuja: How Laudable Is The Renewed Fight Against Corruption

Channels TV's Dateline Abuja speaks with the Executive Director of The Convention on Business Integrity, Mr. Soji Apampa on the renewed fight against corruption by the newly elected government.   (more…)

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Reading the Tea Leaves

Nigeria’s private sector does not need to indulge in the ancient art of tasseography to foretell that the emerging pattern of President Buhari’s anti-graft war carries a distinct prophesy for them as well. There is indeed a new Sheriff in town, and it is appearing more and more unlikely that it will remain business as usual. (more…)

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Funds for Development?

The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has just sacked his National Security Adviser and relieved the Service Chiefs of their Jobs. For some, this move was long overdue for others it simply adds to the trepidation of the wait as he still seems to be playing his cards very close to his chest. Who will be next? (more…)

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Seplat Releases $408m For Oil Asset Acquisition

SEPLAT Petroleum Development Co. Plc said it had recommenced negotiations to acquire an asset in Nigeria, a deal in which it had previously faced delays. Read more

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Nigeria’s Revenue Dipped As Oil Sales Dropped – FIRS Boss

The Federal Inland Revenue Service tax collection from the oil industry in the month of March 2015 was the worst performance from the oil industry in the last 15 years. Read more

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Fuel Scarcity: NNPC assures Nigerians of adequate supply

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) on Tuesday said it had stepped up efforts to maintain stability in the supply and distribution of petroleum products nationwide, allaying fears of any fuel scarcity. Read more

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