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Ethnicity and power politics: From June 12 to Boko Haram

This is not the first time Nigeria would be descending into anarchy in the face of latent and manifest power struggle between ethno-sectional groups. In January 1966 when a group of mid-level army officers, mostly Igbo, seized power in a revolution that upstaged the leadership that was predominantly Hausa-Fulani, hell was let loose on the state from the July 29 countercoup....Read full

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Essence of Oil Press Release

According to the Executive Director, Mr. Soji Apampa, “Nigerians have a rather short memory and soon forget details of painful experiences they have been through. Take for example the fuel subsidy saga of January 2012: the details of the occupy movement, those who died, and the reasons why ordinary people joined are fast fading. Also, when many discuss public policy issues, they sound quite pedestrian, as they often are too lazy to find the evidence

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(Video) Without Walls Interview with Ken Saro-Wiwa.

“To deny a people the right to self-determination for well than a hundred years is to subject them to slavery; To take away the resources of a people and refuse to give them anything in return is to subject them to slavery; To take away the land of a people who depend solely on land for their survival and refuse to pay them compensation is to subject them to genocide.” -Ken Saro-Wiwa (his last inteterview). Watch

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(Video) Poison Fire by Maweni Farm

A documentary of the Niger-Delta from the Niger-Delta. Watch  Poison Fire

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What Manner of President By Gbile Oshadipe

In the end, it is history as it is written that will be the ultimate judge. Will history be kind to President Goodluck Jonathan or will it rubbish him? Nigeria has progressed from a need to give democracy a chance (1999 – 2007 periods) to a critical phase in governance where the masses are impatient with undelivered promises. In the post-January fuel subsidy protest, they are no more willing to let the nation continue to drift. On Mr. Jonathan’s

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I will be Disappointed If Jonathan Shuns the Report

The report was presented to the House, debated, considered and resolutions passed in a session that was intriguing. However, the committee members alleged they had to struggle with so many pressures, threats, intimidation and even blackmail sometimes from unexpected quarters before they were able to write and submit the 205-page report with its 62 recommendations. (view full text) View Subsidy Probe Report  

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Short Takes From NASS Probe on Subsidy

There are still mysteries beclouding the fuel subsidy management, as evident in the House of Representatives work so far, which the EFCC must try to unravel.(View full Text) Featured picture source:  

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(Video) Occupy Nigeria Protesters shut down Town Hall meeting with Minister of State

Occupy Nigeria Protesters shut down town Hall meeting with minister of state in the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York. Protesters demand justice from the government for the protesters that were killed.

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Corruption has denied Nigerians oil benefits

Former Military Administrator of Delta State, Col. John Dungs (retd), has said corruption has denied Nigerians the opportunity of benefitting from oil as a natural resource. Dungs, who spoke in Jos on Monday, asked the Federal Government to channel resources to improving agricultural production in the country. view full text

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Fashola urges Jonathan to withdraw soldiers from Lagos

As a result of the deployment of soldiers to major streets in Lagos in the wake of the subsidy protest, Lagos state governor Babatunde Fashola urged the president to withdraw soldiers deployed to Lagos saying it is undemocratic to set military troops after civilians who have not broken any law. (View full text)

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