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Kano Defies NLC’s Order to suspend Strike.

Kano state chapter of the NLC defied the directive by days after NLC national leadership suspended the national strike over fuel subsidy removal by the government, saying they will never return to work until the fuel price is reversed to the old rate of N65/ litre. (View full text)

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Why Labour Ended Strike.

Following the president’s announcement of reduction in the price of petrol to N97/litre, the NLC and its allies formally announced the suspension of strikes, mass rallies and protests across the country, however, the protests still continued in some states. (View full text).

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Strike: Labour to Resume Talks with Government Today.

Labour and its ally unions declared Saturday and Sunday 14th and 15th January strike-free as indications emerge that negotiations would resume with the government on the area of disagreements that resulted in the mass action after previous meetings ended in a deadlock. (View full Text)

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Nigerian Diaspora in Finland “SAY NO” to Fuel Subsidy and Other Social Ills – by Olalekan Oladepo

Friday 13th of January,2012 witnessed the first ever Nigerian rally in Finland. Nigerian communities in Finland usually reflect the quiet Scandinavian nature .Keeping mute about most Nigerian issues. However, recent fuel increases, corruption and cost of governance in Nigeria has ignited negative reactions among Nigerian diaspora in Finland.The rally tagged “Occupy Helsinki” was the  first rally to be organized by Nigerians in Finland.The rally

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Police Killed Miscreants not Protesters.

Reacting to the news of the death of a protester, the IG Hafiz Ringim, said that the people that were killed by riot police during the protest were not protesters but miscreants who tried to hijack the protect to maim, loot and burn property (view full text)

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Protester Killed in Kano.

A protester killed and 300 injured as police storm protest venue in Kano. (View full text)

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Labour unions call national strike Monday

NLC and TUC called for an indefinite national strike and mass demonstrations starting on Monday January 9, to protest the scrapping of fuel subsidy which more than doubled petrol prices.  (View full text)

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Labour Heads to Court Over Kolade C’ttee.

Labour says it will go to court to seek legal opinion on the constitutional propriety of the Christopher Kolade Committee on Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme (SURE).(View full text)

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Protests Turns Violent as Labour Unions Meet Today.

Two killed in Illorin as protesters take to the streets across major cities (Abuja,Kaduna, Makurdi, Lagos, Lokoja)  around the country. Thousands of aggrieved Nigerians marched into the streets of Lagos protesting the removal of fuel subsidy as business activities collapses and facilities are vandalized. (View full text)

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Nigeria fuel-price protests turn violent

News report as the pump price of petrol is now N141 as opposed to the N65/ltr before the removal of subsidy as the protest goes violent.

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