Afren makes 307 million barrels new oil discovery

African-focused exploration and production company, Afren Plc, said it had made new oil discovery of over 300 million barrels at its Ebok and Okoro  oil fields. Specifically, additional 150 million barrels of oil were discovered at the Ebok oilfield located in OML 67, offshore Nigeria; and 157 million barrels at the Okoro field located in OML 112 in shallow water offshore Nigeria. Speaking during the FBN Capital Limited’s maiden Oil and Gas Roundtable

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Oil and Gas Technical Background Paper by by Ms. Lois Laraba Machunga-Disu and Miss Zumunta Machunga-Disu

At present Nigeria's energy sector is dispersed in supervision and policies. The recommended structure to meet those future needs starts with the revision of Nigeria's current policy and structure. Nigeria's hydrocarbon natural resource (crude oil and natural gas) in spite of its abundance and as the mainstay of over 80% of revenues to the nation, has NOT served as a catalyst for economic growth neither has it served as the major source of energy

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Nigeria Profile: A Chronology of Keys Events

A chronology of key events: circa 800 BC - Jos plateau settled by Nok - a neolithic and iron age civilization. circa 11th century onwards - Formation of city states, kingdoms and empires, including Hausa kingdoms and Borno dynasty in north, Oyo and Benin kingdoms in south. 1472 - Portuguese navigators reach Nigerian coast. Continue reading the main story

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A Chronology of Attacks on and Unlawful Interferences with, Offshore Oil and Gas Installations, 1975 – 2010 by Mikhail Kashubsky

Throughout its history, the oil and gas industry has been a subject of environmental protests, labour disputes, tensions with local communities, and it has also been a target of various violent activities ranging from vandalism to political violence, which have impinged on the security of oil industry workers and interfered with operational activities of oil companies on numerous occasions. Although a considerable number of attacks on oil and gas

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TIMELINE-Conflict in Nigeria’s Oil Delta

Gunmen attacked an oil rig off the coast of Nigeria's Niger Delta, kidnapping five people including foreigners and injuring two crew. Following is a timeline of unrest in the region since the late President Umaru Yar'Adua took office in 2007. June 2007 - After new President Umaru Yar'Adua takes office, a court frees former militia leader Mujahid Dokubo-Asari on bail. He had been in jail since 2005. read full text  

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Dual Hegemonies: A Dialectical Appraisal of Niger-Delta Politics by Uvie Edo

The revival of insurgent revolution aptly defines the resistance to the hypodermic model of exploitation in Africa. This paper examines the case of Niger-Delta sandwiched between dual hegemonies, foregrounding misappropriation of revenue accruing from oil resource in the area right from history. This is followed by formation of agitation groups with strong retrograde objective, though flawed by inter and intra community ethnic level split resulting

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Land Management Under the Land Use Act

While urban lands were placed under the control and management of the Governor of the State with a 'Land Use and Allocation Committee' as an advisory body, on the other hand, 'other lands' were placed under the control and management of the Local Government in which the land is situated with 'the Land Allocation Advisory Committee' (Land Use Act 1978: Sections 2(1 )a and b). View full text View the land use Act (1978)

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NIGERIA: Timeline of recent unrest in Niger Delta region

Despite abundant oil wealth in the Niger Delta region in southeast Nigeria, residents lack basic services including electricity, piped water, health clinics and schools. The region has seen decades of unrest stemming mostly from local militants’ uprisings over what they call neglect of the moneymaking region. Below is a timeline of recent events in the Delta.view full text Culled from http://www.irinnews.org/Report/88002/NIGERIA-Timeline-of-recent-unrest-in-Niger-Delta-region

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Gas Flaring in Nigeria‘s Niger Delta: Failed Promises and Reviving Community Voices Eferiekose Ukala

This Note examines the use of litigation to stop gas flaring in Nigeria’s Niger Delta, and proposes an alternative solution to the ongoing gas flaring in the Niger Delta region. In exploring an alternative solution, this Note (1) details the history of gas flaring in Nigeria; (2) discusses Nigeria’s gas-flaring legislation and its implementation; (3) analyzes the impact that landmark gas flaring cases have had on the stoppage of gas flaring;

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Niger Delta Rising The struggle for justice in the Niger Delta Timeline of events

View a timeline of events of the struggle for justice by the Niger Delta people, for resource control and self determination, for the damaging effects of oil on their environments by oil corporations and the government.  Go to original site

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