Oil Exploitation and Conflict in the Niger-Delta Region of Nigeria

The Niger-Delta area of Nigeria, coincides approximately to the south-south geopolitical zone of the country. Before the discovering of the black gold (crude oil), agriculture was the dominant occupation of the people in the area. This study reveals that the causes of the crises in the Niger-Delta region is sequel to the inability of the multinational companies involved in the explorations and exploitation of crude oil, and the federal government

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Niger Delta Violence Timeline

Nigerian militants have attacked oil facilities in the Niger Delta in the heaviest fighting in two years. The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) is responsible for attacks that have cut a fifth of the OPEC member's output since it emerged late in 2005. Below is a chronology of conflict in the Niger Delta since then.view full text featured image courtesy of: thenigeriandailynews.com

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Citizenship and Resource Control in Nigeria: the Case of Minority Communities in the Niger Delta

The struggle for resource control by communities in the oil-producing areas in the Niger Delta assumed a central position in the discourse on the national question, ethnic minority politics and environmental degradation in Nigeria from the early 1990s. view full paper

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Land Use Act Chapter 202 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 1990

This Act may be cited as the Land Use Act 1978. read full text

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