Preventive Measures

Measures To Prevent Of Money Laundering

Sub 1(a) Instituting a comprehensive domestic regulatory and supervisory regime for banks and non-bank financial institutions that provide formal and informal services for transmission of money or value; And bodies susceptible to money laundering ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL CRIMES COMMISSION (ESTABLISHMENT)ACT 2004, SCUML; NFIU; MONEY LAUNDERING (PROHIBITION)ACT 2011; CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING/COMBATING FINANCING OF TERRORISM COMPLIANCE

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Participation Of Society

(a) To promote active participation of individuals and groups CSOs, NGOs and CBOs in preventing the fight against corruption FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY ACT (2007) ; PUBLIC PROCUREMENT ACT (2007); ICPC AND EFCC INITIATICES TO EDUCATE AND MOBILIZE THE CITIZEN AGAINST CORRUPTION,d.ZGU

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Private Sector

Sub 1 Prevention of corruption in the private sector through measures to enhance accounting and auditing standards in the Private Sector and provide effective civil, administrative or criminal penalties BANKS AND OTHER FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS ACT (1999) •COMPANIES AND ALLIED MATTERS ACT (1990) •CODES OF CORPORATE GOVERNANCE, CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA 2006 •CODE OF CORPORATE GOVERNANCE FOR PUBLIC COMPANIES (SEC) •ECONOMIC FINANCIAL CRIMES COMMISSION

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Measures Relating To The Judiciary And Prosecution Services

(a) State Party shall take measures to strengthen integrity and prevent opportunities for corruption among members of the judiciary THE NATIONAL JUDICIAL COUNCIL ESTABLISHED BY S. 153 1999 CONSTITUTION OF NIGERIA; S.292 OF THE CONSTITUTION OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA(CFRN)1999; PAR 21(B)&(D)  3RD SCHEDULE 1999; LEGAL PRACTITIONERS ACT  (RULES OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT IN THE LEGAL PROFESSION) CAP L11 LFN (2004)

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Public Reporting

State Party shall take measures to adopt procedures or regulations which  allow the general public to obtain appropriate information on the organization, functioning and decision-making processes of its public administration and with due regard for the protecton of privacy and personal data on decision and legal acts that concerns members of the public; publishing information on the risks of corruption in its public administration PUBLIC PROCUREMENT

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Public Procurement And Managment Of Public Finances

Sub 1 Measures to establish appropriate systems of procurement based on transparency, competition and objective criteria in decision making in preventing corruption. FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY LAW ; PUBLIC PROCUREMENT ACT (2007)

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Code Of Conduct For Public Officials

Sub 2 Applying codes of conduct for the correct, honourable and proper performance of public functions CODE OF CONDUCT BUREAU; PUBLIC PROCUREMENT ACT,d.ZGU

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Public Sector

Sub. 1 Each State Party shall endeavour to adopt, maintain and strengthen systems for recruitment, hiring, retention,promotion and retirement of non-elected public officials. NATIONAL STRATEGY FOR PUBLIC SERVICE REFORMS;NATIONAL SALARIES,INCOME AND WAGES COMMISSION

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Preventive Anti-Corruption Body Or Bodies

(a ) State Party shall ensure the existence of body or bodies implementing anti-corruption policies ICPC AND EFCC ACTS   (b) Body implementing practices aimed at preventing corruption CODE OF CONDUCT BUREAU ; NEITI; FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY COMMISSION; OFFICE OF THE AUDITOR

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Preventive Anti-Corruption Policies And Practices

These are directed at both the public and private sectors. PUBLIC PROCUREMENT ACT 2007; FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ACT;  NEITI ACT 2007,d.ZGU

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