Until infrastructure, security, capacity building of indigenous workforce, funding, discovery of new resources, policy implementation and partnerships among oil companies and Nigerian regulators are strengthened,  Nigeria will not attain its potential especially as a gas power house in Africa and the world, industry operators have predicted.

This verdict is coming a day after Nigeria’s state oil corporation, the NNPC, said the prevailing gas infrastructure component of the Gas Master plan is designed to  increase domestic gas consumption three-fold from 1.7 billion cubic feet per day (bcf) to 5.4 bcf per day by 2019 and a forecast of 3 million bpd target of oil production by 2020 from a stagnant 2.3m bpd. Read More

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Integrity Organization is committed is an anti-corruption, research and advocacy organization. Its activities are centered on the aim to reduce the tolerance for corruption in Nigeria.

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