PIB: Legacy legislation begging for passage

Last year’s admission by Senator Magnus Abe that the continued delay in passing the Petroleum Industry Bill, PIB, is on account of extraneous factors beyond the control of Nigeria’s upper legislative chamber, gave many Nigerians quite a scare.

Abe told journalists at a conference in Lagos that “the Senate experienced some delays in dealing with the bill because of events outside the control of the lawmakers.” This sounded more like echoes of what happened to the PIB during the sixth legislative session, and ended up not being passed.

Since its advent, the bill has generated a lot of interests both locally and internationally, because the PIB, largely regarded as a piece of legacy legislation, is one that has been carefully formulated to bring about radical changes in the nation’s petroleum sector.

– See more at: http://www.vanguardngr.com/2014/01/pib-legacy-legislation-begging-passage/#sthash.odVhuVZ4.dpuf

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