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Niger Delta: MEND’s Violence on the Rise

Image: courtesy of The Nation On January 28th, the hard-won peace of the Niger Delta that was made possible after the federal government had spent billions of naira in an amnesty deal with militants was shattered when gunmen attacked the home of Minister of Niger Delta, Godsday Orurebe and blew up parts of the minister’s mansion. The identity of the attackers remained a mystery until February 5th when the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger

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A Chronology of Attacks on and Unlawful Interferences with, Offshore Oil and Gas Installations, 1975 – 2010 by Mikhail Kashubsky

Throughout its history, the oil and gas industry has been a subject of environmental protests, labour disputes, tensions with local communities, and it has also been a target of various violent activities ranging from vandalism to political violence, which have impinged on the security of oil industry workers and interfered with operational activities of oil companies on numerous occasions. Although a considerable number of attacks on oil and gas

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Exxon Mobil Worries Over Escalation of Violence in Rivers State

On September 18, two ExxonMobil Nigeria executives told Energyoff that while September 13-16 attacks in Rivers State did not reduce oil production from their fields, they are concerned about growing instability in the state and the impact it might have on facilities which serve their offshore oil platforms. view full text

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Curse of the Black Gold: Hope and Betrayal on the Niger Delta By Tom O’Neill

Oil fouls everything in southern Nigeria. It spills from the pipelines, poisoning soil and water. It stains the hands of politicians and generals, who siphon off its profits. It taints the ambitions of the young, who will try anything to scoop up a share of the liquid riches—fire a gun, sabotage a pipeline, kidnap a foreigner.read complete text here (picture:courtesy nigerdeltapoem.com)  

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Reported Military Clashes With Ijaw Youth

The September 29 Nigerian newspaper "The Vanguard" reported that a military unit of the Joint Task Force fought with Ijaw youth at Jones Creek Island over the weekend, leaving four people dead and several others injured. Ijaw NGO activist Joel Bisina told CRO September 29 that on September 25 or 26 a military Joint Task Force unit approached the Jones Creek area with orders to attack and destroy surrounding Ijaw villages. view full text featured

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