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Alleged $620 Bribe: Farouk Lawan, Emenalo Re-arraigned

Former Chairman, House of Representatives Ad-hoc Committee on Fuel Subsidy Regime, Farouk Lawan and the committee secretary, Boniface Emenalo, were re-arraigned Wednesday before an Abuja High Court of the Federal Capital in Gudu. They were arraigned on a seven-count charge bordering on receipt of bride and abuse of office in relation to the allegation that they collected $620, 000 as bribe from the Chairman, Zenon Oil and Gas, Femi Otedola, in order

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Shell is pushed to explain its role in $1.1bn Nigerian corruption scandal

Ben van Beurden, the new head of Shell, faced a packed room of global investors on Tuesday at the oil group's annual shareholder meeting. In post since March, the 56-year-old Dutchman can expect probing questions about cash flows, capital efficiency, investment projections and so forth. The list is unsurprising; with investors, it all comes down to the money. How is their capital being spent, what returns is it making and when can they expect to

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A Cursory Review of the Consequences of Human Activities and Land-Use Changes in the Niger Delta by M.K. Hamadina and D.I. Anyanwu

This study discusses the manifestation and consequences of human activities on the Niger Delta ecosystem. The Niger Delta is resource-rich and abundantly blessed with expanse of agricultural/aquatic resources and vast reserves of petroleum hydrocarbon. .view full text featured image courtesy of businesspundit.com

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The Economy of Conflict in the Oil Rich Niger Delta Region of Nigeria

(featured image courtesy of naijadeltawatch) On December 10, 2011, if you stopped at the Mobil filling station on Old Aba Road in Port Harcourt, you would be able to buy a litre of petrol for 65 naira or $1.66 per gallon at an exchange rate of $1/N157 and 4 litres per gallon. This is the official price. The government claims that this price would have been subsidized at N73/litre and that the true price of a litre of petrol in Port Harcourt is N138/litre

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The Politics of Amnesty in the Delta Niger Challenges Ahead by Kathryn Nwajiaku-Dahou

(image courtesy of static.ing.com.ng) Armed groups, many affiliated to the Niger Delta-wide political organization MEND, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta, proliferated throughout the oil producing states, particularly from early 2006 onwards. In January 2006, MEND declared war on the oil industry pending the resolution of long term political grievances relating to poverty and underdevelopment, the poor regulation of an environmentally

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Checkmating the Resurgence of Oil Violence in the Niger Delta of Nigeria Edited by Victor Ojakorotu, Ph.D and Lysias Dodd

(image courtesy of Guardian.co.uk) This book is a collection of excellent academic materials by experienced and renowned scholars who have critically analyzed the devastating age-long oil violence in the Niger Delta of Nigeria. Beyond examining the origin and nature of the conflict, it also emphasizes the way forward for the Niger Delta, based on the various empirical studies by the contributors on the current developments in the region. Read full

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Gas Flaring in Nigeria‘s Niger Delta: Failed Promises and Reviving Community Voices Eferiekose Ukala

This Note examines the use of litigation to stop gas flaring in Nigeria’s Niger Delta, and proposes an alternative solution to the ongoing gas flaring in the Niger Delta region. In exploring an alternative solution, this Note (1) details the history of gas flaring in Nigeria; (2) discusses Nigeria’s gas-flaring legislation and its implementation; (3) analyzes the impact that landmark gas flaring cases have had on the stoppage of gas flaring;

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The Niger Crisis: Beyond the Price of Crude Oil

High prices at gasoline stations have brought into focus the chronic uncertainty that characterizes oil producing areas in Nigeria, often blamed for sharp price hikes in global markets. In most reports, the activities of militant groups in the Niger Delta have been highlighted. read full text 

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Oil Exploitation and Conflict in the Niger-Delta Region of Nigeria

The Niger-Delta area of Nigeria, coincides approximately to the south-south geopolitical zone of the country. Before the discovering of the black gold (crude oil), agriculture was the dominant occupation of the people in the area. This study reveals that the causes of the crises in the Niger-Delta region is sequel to the inability of the multinational companies involved in the explorations and exploitation of crude oil, and the federal government

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Exxon Mobil Discusses Yar’ Adua’s Health and Business Environment

On November 17, 2008 Exxon Mobil (EM) senior officials reported to the Ambassador that President Yar'Adua appeared frail and thinner than usual in their meeting with him that day. EM officials also expressed disappointment in the lack of progress in the current administration and cited the recent cabinet reshuffle as paralyzing all work with the ministries (reftel B).view full text featured image courtesy thenigerianvoice.com

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