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Oil sector reform: All committees, no reports

For now, all the government seems to be doing is setting up committees to review the recommendations of other committees that were also set up as a result of the work of other committees. The committees have not been able to justify their creation, and when they do the government is seemingly unwilling to implement their recommendations. This is further making it difficult for the people to trust the government. View full text Picture source:http://ediong.blogspot.com/2012/07/oil-sector-reform-all-committees-no.html

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What Manner of President By Gbile Oshadipe

In the end, it is history as it is written that will be the ultimate judge. Will history be kind to President Goodluck Jonathan or will it rubbish him? Nigeria has progressed from a need to give democracy a chance (1999 – 2007 periods) to a critical phase in governance where the masses are impatient with undelivered promises. In the post-January fuel subsidy protest, they are no more willing to let the nation continue to drift. On Mr. Jonathan’s

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Oil & Gas (3) – The Downstream Dilemma By Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai

The downstream parts of the oil and gas sector include all activities following the delivery of crude oil to processing plants for refining, conversion and value addition into gasoline, diesel, kerosene and petrochemicals, including transportation, storage, marketing of the finished products and associated services. The value chain entails the supply of crude oil to the refineries, primary distribution from refineries to terminals, secondary distribution

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