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A Cursory Review of the Consequences of Human Activities and Land-Use Changes in the Niger Delta by M.K. Hamadina and D.I. Anyanwu

This study discusses the manifestation and consequences of human activities on the Niger Delta ecosystem. The Niger Delta is resource-rich and abundantly blessed with expanse of agricultural/aquatic resources and vast reserves of petroleum hydrocarbon. .view full text featured image courtesy of businesspundit.com

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The UNEP Report in Summary

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Environmental News from the UNEP Regions

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Youth Militia, Self Determination and Resource Control Struggle in The Niger-Delta Region of Nigeria

(featured imaged courtesy of images.biafranigeriaworld.com) The Niger Delta region, Nigeria's oil belt has been the site of a generalized ethnic and regional struggle for self-determination since 1998, the location of often-violent confrontations between local ethnic communities and agents of the Nigerian state and oil companies involved in the extraction and exploitation of oil in the area. What began as community agitation has undoubtedly undergone several

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The Politics of Amnesty in the Delta Niger Challenges Ahead by Kathryn Nwajiaku-Dahou

(image courtesy of static.ing.com.ng) Armed groups, many affiliated to the Niger Delta-wide political organization MEND, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta, proliferated throughout the oil producing states, particularly from early 2006 onwards. In January 2006, MEND declared war on the oil industry pending the resolution of long term political grievances relating to poverty and underdevelopment, the poor regulation of an environmentally

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Checkmating the Resurgence of Oil Violence in the Niger Delta of Nigeria Edited by Victor Ojakorotu, Ph.D and Lysias Dodd

(image courtesy of Guardian.co.uk) This book is a collection of excellent academic materials by experienced and renowned scholars who have critically analyzed the devastating age-long oil violence in the Niger Delta of Nigeria. Beyond examining the origin and nature of the conflict, it also emphasizes the way forward for the Niger Delta, based on the various empirical studies by the contributors on the current developments in the region. Read full

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A Chronology of Attacks on and Unlawful Interferences with, Offshore Oil and Gas Installations, 1975 – 2010 by Mikhail Kashubsky

Throughout its history, the oil and gas industry has been a subject of environmental protests, labour disputes, tensions with local communities, and it has also been a target of various violent activities ranging from vandalism to political violence, which have impinged on the security of oil industry workers and interfered with operational activities of oil companies on numerous occasions. Although a considerable number of attacks on oil and gas

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Dual Hegemonies: A Dialectical Appraisal of Niger-Delta Politics by Uvie Edo

The revival of insurgent revolution aptly defines the resistance to the hypodermic model of exploitation in Africa. This paper examines the case of Niger-Delta sandwiched between dual hegemonies, foregrounding misappropriation of revenue accruing from oil resource in the area right from history. This is followed by formation of agitation groups with strong retrograde objective, though flawed by inter and intra community ethnic level split resulting

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From Militancy to Amnesty: Some Thoughts on President Yar’adua’s Apparoach to the Niger Delta Crisis (V. Egwemi)

This study examines the amnesty programme of the Yar’Adua administration for militants in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. It argues that against the background of many years of militant activity in the Niger Delta the amnesty programme was a last ditch effort in view of the failure of the many institutional approaches to solving the Niger Delta problem. read full paper featured image courtesy of http://thewillnigeria.com

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Emergency of Ethnic Movements in the Niger Delta Region: From Voice to Armed Struggle in the New Democratic Era (1999-Present) by Chuba Nkejiaka

With enormous human and natural resource potentials Nigeria occupies a strategic position in the development of African continent. The Niger Delta ravaging conflict remains one biggest challenges of the democratic era since 1999, which is the main concern of this research. read complete research featured image courtesy of news.bbc.co.uk

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