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PIB and the Niger Delta

With the latest move to address the petrol-carbon sector in Nigeria through the Petroleum Industry Bill, Nigerians are anxious to see how far it will go in addressing among others: the legal, fiscal and regulatory framework, the guidelines for the operation of the upstream, midstream and the downstream sectors, the redistribution  of economic rent in the host oil producing communities, the impact on the environment, especially gas flaring. What

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E-Conference Report: THE PIB & YOU by Spaces for Change

The new version of the PIB seamlessly weaves some notably progressive provisions with a number of disturbing additions that require serious debate and reconsideration. In essence, the 223-page PIB includes plans to unbundle and list the state-owned Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) on the Nigerian Stock Exchange; increase taxation for deep offshore; and give the oil minister supervisory powers over all institutions in the industry.

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PIB: The Perambulation Continues by Uche Igwe

"My view still remains that contrary to sponsored rhetoric, the Nigerian government has no intention of reforming the oil and gas industry. The recent submission of the Petroleum Industry Bill is yet another calculated effort, by a government whose credibility and legitimacy is waning by the day, to hoodwink Nigerians. Let me give you three reasons that led me to this sad conclusion". View full text

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Shell MD Discusses the Status of the Proposed Petroleum Industry Bill

Shell EVP for Shell Companies in Africa met with the Ambassador on October 13 to discuss the status of the proposed Petroleum Industry Bill. She said the GON wanted the National Assembly to pass the bill by November 17 and that the international oil companies would have to move quickly if the House passed the bill in the coming weeks. She said there was "total alignment" among the IOCs and with the Nigerian oil companies. view full text

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