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PIB and the Niger Delta

With the latest move to address the petrol-carbon sector in Nigeria through the Petroleum Industry Bill, Nigerians are anxious to see how far it will go in addressing among others: the legal, fiscal and regulatory framework, the guidelines for the operation of the upstream, midstream and the downstream sectors, the redistribution  of economic rent in the host oil producing communities, the impact on the environment, especially gas flaring. What

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Nigeria: Ogoni Oil Spill – FG Set to Implement Committee’s Report

The Federal Government is on the verge of implementing recommendations by a special team, which it set up last year to review the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) report on Oil Pollution in Ogoniland, THISDAY investigations have revealed. View UNEP Report 

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Kaduna Refinery Faults Report on Waste Pollutions

The management of the Kaduna Refinery and Petrochemical Company (KRPC) had faulted report that three children died in Rido village, a neighbouring community of the company as a result of pollution from waste. Residents of the village alleged that powdery waste allegedly dumped by the company penultimate Sunday in their farm lands polluted the air in the area and was responsible for the death of three children. Reacting to the report, the company

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Environmental Pollution in the Niger Delta

While the States in the Niger Delta region are happy and proud to bear the crude oil that is the mainstay of the Nigerian economy, we call on the Federal Government, oil and gas companies and indeed the entire nation to go beyond the legalistic realm in addressing the mirage of problems which oil bearing communities are daily subjected. view full text image courtesy of nationalgeographic

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Oil Exploitation and Marine Pollution: Evidence from the Niger Delta, Nigeria S.O.Aghalino and B. Eyinla in Journal of Human Ecology

This study examines two cases of oil spillages and their concomitant impact on the flora and fauna of the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, where much of Nigeria's oil and gas is exploited. It seeks to evaluate how the oil firms and the federal government responded to the despoliation of the environment occasioned by the Texaco/ Funiwa-5 oil blow out and the Qua Iboe oil spillage The study makes use of both primary and secondary sources of information

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Nigeria: Petroleum, Pollution and Poverty in the Niger Delta

This report is based on fieldwork carried out in the Niger Delta in March and April 2008, as well as desk research and follow-up research from London between May 2008 and May 2009 by a multi-disciplinary research team, including experts in the oil industry and environment. Amnesty International research teams visited eight sites in Rivers and Bayelsa States, and interviewed members of the communities affected by oil pollution and by the human rights violations

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The Next Gulf? Oil Politics, Environmental Apocalypse and Rising Tension in the Niger Delta by Shola Omotola

Oil, one of the greatest blessings God has showered on our nation, has turned out to be a curse… sounding the death-knell of such key principles of good governance as democracy, federalism, transparency, accountability and national growth. image courtesy of :kleighd.files.wordpress.com Read full paper    

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Nigeria Pipeline Explosion:Small Production Loss from Pipeline Explosion

image source: heatusa.com On 10 October, a leaking Shell crude oil export pipeline which had been vandalized caught fire in the River State. There were no injuries reported. Shell confirms illegal bunkering as the cause of the leak. Shell will cut production by 20,000 barrels a day for a few days while the pipeline is being repaired.view full text

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