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PIB and the Niger Delta

With the latest move to address the petrol-carbon sector in Nigeria through the Petroleum Industry Bill, Nigerians are anxious to see how far it will go in addressing among others: the legal, fiscal and regulatory framework, the guidelines for the operation of the upstream, midstream and the downstream sectors, the redistribution  of economic rent in the host oil producing communities, the impact on the environment, especially gas flaring. What

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Essence of Oil Press Release

According to the Executive Director, Mr. Soji Apampa, “Nigerians have a rather short memory and soon forget details of painful experiences they have been through. Take for example the fuel subsidy saga of January 2012: the details of the occupy movement, those who died, and the reasons why ordinary people joined are fast fading. Also, when many discuss public policy issues, they sound quite pedestrian, as they often are too lazy to find the evidence

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Setting Agenda for Government

Does Jonathan have a draft roadmap to pilot Nigeria through the next four years? Nigerians during the recent presidential elections invested Mr. President with 'great' powers, and if truly driven by people power, it implies consent and confers legitimacy.The President of the Federal Republic is also the Head of State, Chief Executive of the Federation and Commander-in- Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federation and according to the Constitution;

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Time for a Probe

From reports so far, it appears that the late head of state Gen. Sani Abacha, his family and acolytes--have cornered a least one-third of Nigeria's GNP. Yet to be denied report confirm that another minister in his administration had in a vault under his home- a sum equivalent to the federal budget for health this year. Read full newsletter

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