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PIB and the Niger Delta

With the latest move to address the petrol-carbon sector in Nigeria through the Petroleum Industry Bill, Nigerians are anxious to see how far it will go in addressing among others: the legal, fiscal and regulatory framework, the guidelines for the operation of the upstream, midstream and the downstream sectors, the redistribution  of economic rent in the host oil producing communities, the impact on the environment, especially gas flaring. What

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Oil and Gas Technical Background Paper by by Ms. Lois Laraba Machunga-Disu and Miss Zumunta Machunga-Disu

At present Nigeria's energy sector is dispersed in supervision and policies. The recommended structure to meet those future needs starts with the revision of Nigeria's current policy and structure. Nigeria's hydrocarbon natural resource (crude oil and natural gas) in spite of its abundance and as the mainstay of over 80% of revenues to the nation, has NOT served as a catalyst for economic growth neither has it served as the major source of energy

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The Transformation from Fossil Fuel to Green Energy by Ms. Lois Laraba Machunga and Miss Zumunta Machunga-Disu

The focus of this chapter is crude oil and natural gas and its importance for the green deal Nigeria. The Nigerian economy and the oil and gas sector are in a dialectic state. Nigeria holds large reserves of a depleting resource that will expire or substantially decline in the next 15-20 years for oil and some 70 years for gas. Energy supply from fossil fuels results in climate change, which needs to be urgently addressed through adaptation and mitigating

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