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About Us

INTEGRITY ORGANIZATION LIMITED GTE. is an anti-corruption research, advocacy & consulting organization concerned with issues of accountability and transparency in public and business life. It was founded in 1995 during the Abacha regime as a direct reaction to the corruption and poor governance of Nigeria represented by that era. 

It builds coalitions and develops sustainable strategies for citizen engagement with government on the issues of accountability, transparency and good governance. One of Integrity’s basic strategies is issue-based advocacy which involves high quality value adding independent research, reviews and documentation that provide platforms for public discourse and policy formulation.

THE CONVENTION ON BUSINESS INTEGRITY (CBi), is the private sector facing arm of the Integrity Organization. It was established in 1997 with the mission to promote and support anti-corruption business coalition with the use of collective action to curb corruption and promote ethical business Practices, transparency and fair competition in the private sector.

Our Vision

A society that prefers integrity over corruption.

Our Mission

To influence the behavior of systems and institutions through the wide publication of ratings and rankings performed on them: to enable more transparent, consistent and predictable transactions that people benefit from.

Our Core Values


Our History

  • 1995

    Integrity Organization Limited Gte. founded by Soji Apampa and His Excellency, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo

  • 1997

    The Convention on Business Integrity (CBi) which is the private sector facing arm of the Organization was launched

  • 1998

    Integrity incorporated as a company limited by guarantee;

    Integrity published a “Citizens Report Card” on Local Governance in Lagos State.

  • 1999

    His Excellency, Dr. Christopher Kolade is elected chairman of the board

    Published ‘A Guide to Lawmaking in the Legislative House’

  • 2000

    Published Pillars of Governance Series on ‘The Budget as a Tool for Good Governance’

  • 2003

    The Convention on Business Integrity (CBi) was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee

  • 2005

    Published Fiscal Transparency and Participation in The Budget Process in Nigeria;

    Published Access to Justice in Lagos State

  • 2006

    Participated in the planning committee of the 12th international Anti-Corruption Conference in Guatemala;

    INTEGRITY, at the request of the World Bank designed the monitoring of the Abacha Loot repatriated to Nigeria from Switzerland.