Request for EoI for Consultancy on Creative Writing/Storytelling


Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA) is part of the global network of Open Society Foundations. OSIWA plays a dual role in the region as both an advocate and grant-maker by enabling itself to be agenda-setters both within and alongside other organizations working on the ground. The Foundation works through a unique combination of grant making, advocacy, partnership building and technical assistance. OSIWA’s mission is to promote and support open societies, inclusive democratic governance based on transparent and accountable institutions, active citizenry and economic advancement[1].

OSIWA is providing support to three strategic partners to strengthen the capacity of the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) in the delivery of its mandate to establish and maintain a high standard of public morality in the conduct of government business and to ensure that the actions and behavior of public officers conform to the highest standards of public morality and accountability[2]. OSIWA seeks to achieve this through three Reserve Fund projects as follows: 

Strengthening Assets Declaration systems for public officials to improve transparency and accountability in Nigeria – the project is being implemented by Socio-Economic Right and Accountability Project (SERAP). Through litigation, SERAP seeks to ensure compliance on what the law says should be done and disclosure of assets declaration forms to the public. SERAP is also expanding the scope/definition of „public servant‟ in the constitution. The duration of project is 12 Months, to end by November 2020.

Reforming Nigeria’s Assets Declaration Framework – the project s being implemented by Centre for Social Justice Limited by Guarantee (CSJ).  Through collaboration with the National Assembly, CSJ seeks to review the Code of Conduct Bureau Act to ensure public access to assets declaration. CSJ is also closing gaps on the asset declaration forms, creating more awareness on asset declaration and advocating for more funds for CCB. The duration of project is 12 Months, to end by November 2020.

Strengthening Assets Declaration Compliance and Assets Verification in Nigeria – the project being implemented by Integrity Organisation seeks to demonstrate how trends and trend analyses could be used to interrogate assets declaration forms by building a prototype system for CCB to adopt. This will entail ensuring that CCB owns the change, getting broad stakeholder groups to support CCB, and demonstrating what the change looks like and what it can achieve. The duration of project is 15 months, to end by February 2021. Integrity Organisation Ltd also serves as a shadow coordinating platform for the three projects. 

A crucial unifying goal for the three projects – seeks to humanize the impact of corruption through new forms of storytelling by using the lens of the arts/creative arts to describe the damages done at all levels of society. Public servants appear able to live well beyond their means in the face of public apathy. The projects through the use of storytelling, aim to raise critical consciousness of Nigerians to respond to this crisis stemming from an absence of consequence for the bulk of public servants. The content generated by processes and outputs of the partners need to develop more traction with the people through strategic storytelling.


The major objective is to use storytelling and other art forms to develop public engagement and advocacy plans for the three partners towards realizing the overarching goals of their specific projects. Specifically, the objectives are:

  1. Support three projects in developing public engagement and advocacy plans that leverage on new forms of storytelling and use of arts forms
  2. Produce works (short videos, animations, info graphs etc.) based on the contents derived from the three projects


This assignment is the use of arts/creative arts through storytelling to humanize the impact of corruption, to provide information to decision makers and how that can inform public engagement and advocacy plans. The storytelling will also explore using Artworks to weave narratives and using Art to express emotions and imagination. Specifically, the storytelling will do the following:

S/N Description Timeline
1 Review the background documents provided by strategic partners to obtain a better understanding of the goals and context 3 days
2 Identify key issues that need attention on assets declaration and public dissemination of information from the declarations. 2 days
3 Meet with strategic partners to discuss potential structure and storylines 3 days
4 Identify success stories and gather engaging and compelling stories/content, both by desk review in one (1) above and by interviews with selected stakeholders  3 days
5 Turn hard facts and difficult to understand corruption concepts and implications of corruption into personalized human stories that causes the audience to reflect on the cost of corruption to their daily lives 8 days
6 Contextualize and design visual, text-based content as well as tailor and package key messages to be communicated to suit the audience. Ensure that the content clearly communicates the message and ensure content and messages are consistent. 8 days
7 A detailed report of the assignment in addition to the products to be developed by the consultant 3 days
          Total number of days: 30 days


  • The Consultant will commit to be available immediately and complete the assignment within five(5) calendar months, May – September 2020 from the time of signing a contract.
  • Consultant will be available to participate in Strategic Partners‟ meetings and Broad Stakeholder Groups meetings (even before the commencement of assignment).
  • The Consultant will present the final output in form of:
    • A detailed work-plan
    • An approach or concept document of the assignment
    • If there are any tools involved, the Consultant will share the tools with partners 
    • Submission of 1st draft of work 
    • Submission of final draft of work
  • The estimated level of effort for this assignment is a maximum of 5 (Five) months. The Consultant will be paid a daily rate in Naira (N) which rate is inclusive of professional fees and withholding taxes as pertains this assignment.


The Consultant will report to the Anti-corruption Advisor, Integrity Organisation.

The strategic partners will use the findings to refine the implementation strategy for strengthening public assets declaration.


Consultant/Consulting firms wishing to apply for this assignment should be resident in Abuja; as all the projects‟ partners have their headquarters in F.C.T, Abuja except for SERAP that is in Lagos State. A minimum of 5(five) years proven experience working on similar assignments;

  1. A degree in Social Sciences or any other related disciplines;
  2. At least 5 (five) years‟ experience using Arts/Creative Arts for storytelling;
  3. Demonstrable ability to develop engaging content; 
  4. Experience in working in development sector especially dealing with anti-corruption issues;
  5. Demonstrable experience in similar assignments.


The application should be sent to no later than 3rd April 2020 at 12 Noon. Applications received after this time will not be opened or considered.

Your expression of interest should detail:

  1. A technical proposal
  2. A financial proposal
  3. Please quote “Consultant – Use of Arts/Creative Arts for Storytelling” and your name/company name in the subject line of your email.


[2] Sect. 2, Code of Conduct Bureau and Tribunal Act 1991