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    October 2, 2012 @ 10:31 pm

    F.R.S.C is a great organization and it has a great leader at the moment who has brought in great intelligence and state of the art tools to help make Nigeria a better place. but people like the lady i met at the sector command at utako, in the F.C.T Abuja are bad eggs in the country and in F.R.S.C as she attempted collecting a bribe from me but i unfortunately could not see her name because she was smart enough to have put on a sweater to cover her name tag. the sector head of operations was a very kind and humble man who though has a high rank was still approachable and efficient in his duties. A one star officer who also thinks he is above all others simply because he is an officer is also not a good representative of the organization as his rude and unfriendly attitude to clients are highly unnecessary.


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